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Coggin Electric: Commercial and Residential Electricians in Surry, Smithfield, Williamsburg, and Hampton Roads VA

For over 35 years, Coggin Electric has served business and residential clients in Eastern Virginia as well as North Carolina and Maryland. We’re known not just for our fast and friendly service, but for our in-depth historical renovations of landmarks such as the Isle of Wight Courthouse, Historic Windsor Castle Park, Chippokes, Yorktown, Jamestown, and the Smithfield Center. 

We're a Generac generator dealer, and we sell, install, and maintain generators across Hampton Roads. We're also proud to provide 24-hour electrical repairs and service. From our humble beginnings in Surry, we’ve evolved into a company that services everything from single-family homes to churches, retail outlets, fire stations, and government buildings. We offer a range of contracting services and accurate cost estimates for commercial and residential electrical jobs. Call us today to find out why our commitment to customer service makes such a difference.

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Electrical Upgrades

Our team of knowledgeable, friendly electricians will ensure that Virginia’s older homes can handle modern life’s electrical demands. While today’s homes are made to handle 200-amp service, most vintage buildings are not. Therefore, the use of computer equipment, TVs, and other advanced appliances may lead to issues in older homes and businesses. Our electrician near me can effectively and safely improve your building’s ability to meet modern requirements.

Restoring Power to Fuse Boxes, Electrical Panels, and Outlets

When there’s a problem with an electrical component in your business or home, it’s important to leave the repairs to the professionals. We can help by:

  • Installing new fans and lighting. Our commercial and residential electricians are skilled at helping clients with lighting and electrical installation projects. Call us today to learn about our ceiling fan, bathroom lighting, recessed lighting, and outdoor lighting installation services. 

  • Troubleshooting lighting issues. Fluctuating power and flickering lights are signs of problems with a building’s internal wiring. Finding the source of such issues can be a challenge, so it’s best to call the team at Coggin Electric for help.

  • Restoring Power to GFCIs. A GFCI is a ground fault circuit interrupter. These special outlets protect us from electrical shock by cutting the power when a problem arises. They’re required in all new buildings and are commonly identified by the presence of a red reset button. To service electrical issues isn’t a job for the do-it-yourselfer.

  • Repairing overheated electrical panels and circuit breakers. Call our electrical contractors when your home or business’ panels or breakers overheat, as this is typically an indication of dangerous wiring issues.

  • Installing whole-building surge protection. Today’s world is an electronics-focused one, and whole-building surge protection can protect a home or business and its contents. Our electricians offer safe, effective whole-building surge protection installation services.


These are just some of the electrical safety services we offer Virginia and North Carolina’s commercial and residential customers. Call today to work with one of the best electrical companies near me.

Ceiling and Exhaust Fan Installation From an Experienced Virginia Electrical Contractor

Do-it-yourself ceiling and exhaust fan installation projects are becoming more common in and around our area, but in most cases, it’s still best to hire an electrician in Smithfield VA to do the job. As easy as these jobs might seem, the resulting electrical load can lead to fires, electrical shock, and other serious issues. Instead of installing these electrical fixtures without the proper training, consider calling the pros at Coggin Electric for safe, fast fan installation.


Installing ceiling fans in certain parts of a home or commercial building may reduce an owner’s utility bills in the winter and in the summer. That’s why fan installation is such a common improvement project for our customers here in Virginia, especially with our humid, hot summers. Setting your thermostat a degree or two higher while running a fan can make your building feel just as cool and comfortable as a lower setting because it dissipates heat. 


When rooms are occupied, using ceiling fans rather than the thermostat can help you save a substantial amount of energy and money. On harsh winter days, ceiling fans will push warm air down to where it can be enjoyed, which means that people are less likely to turn the heat up. Family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms are great choices for our ceiling fan installation services. Whether you’re installing an exhaust fan in a kitchen or a ceiling fan in the dining room, it’s important to make certain considerations, and calling a local electrician from Coggin Electric is a great place to begin.

Count on Us for Fast, Friendly, and Reliable Installation of Emergency and Standby Generators

Installing a standby generator for your business or home is a great way to prepare for an extended power outage. There are a couple of common generator types: automatic generators and portable models that are operated by manual transfer switches. While choosing the right generator for your emergency power needs can be a daunting task, our expert installers can help you find the most appropriate model from our range of Generac generators.


Our generator installation teams can also install portable generators, which are usually gasoline-powered and range between 5500 and 18,000 watts in capacity. These portable generators put out enough electricity to power important circuits such as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, septic systems, and lighting.


Portable generators are activated by manual transfer switches, which economically provide power to homes and businesses during power outages. Think of a transfer switch as a 60-amp subpanel with two breakers: one supplies power to the building’s crucial functions, while the other handles the generator. The transfer switch has a feature known as a lock-out, which ensures that the subpanel and circuits are only receiving power from one source at any time. This doesn’t just protect your home or commercial building’s circuitry; it also protects those who are working to restore power to the area. 


We know that it can be hard to choose the right type of generator for your building. The following considerations and questions can help Coggin Electric’s generator installers help you choose the right model for your needs.

  • Do you run a commercial building, or do you have a sump or septic pump that must stay on during an outage?

  • How big is the building and how many people work or live there?

  • Which essential appliances and electronics must be kept running? 

  • How much room is there for a generator installation?

  • Which type of fuel (gasoline or propane) will you use to power a generator?

  • Does your neighborhood association have rules and guidelines on standby generators?


Emergency and standby generators should be installed by experienced and licensed electrical contractors. Our installation specialists can help to get your home or business ready to handle power outages safely and reliably, so call us today to get started.

Service Upgrades are Complex Jobs: Call Our Virginia Electricians for Advice and Assistance

Many customers in Smithfield and the surrounding areas live and work in buildings that were built decades ago, which means that many of these structures have electrical wiring that isn’t built to handle today’s needs. This makes our electrical service upgrades an important part of an overall safety plan. 

Obsolete electrical systems that struggle to meet modern requirements aren’t just inconvenient for those who struggle with tripping breakers, insufficient outlets, and flickering lights; they can also be dangerous. There are over 26,000 electrical fires in the United States each year, resulting in billions of dollars in property losses and thousands of injuries and fatalities. Don’t become a statistic; call us today for fast, friendly, and reliable electrical upgrades.

Contact us immediately if any of these scenarios apply to your business or home:

  • The lights flicker when appliances are used

  • Circuit breakers trip and fuses blow frequently 

  • Electrical panels overheat

  • Your electrical panels are made by I-T-E Pushmatic, Federal Pacific, GTE/Sylvania, or Zinsco. These panel brands were recalled a few years ago because of significant safety defects. 

  • You need to use extension cords or do not have enough outlets for your appliances.

  • Your home has multiple two-pronged outlets. GFCI outlets have three prongs, and they’re required in all new homes and commercial buildings.

  • You’ve recently installed a heat pump, an air conditioner, or another large appliance that uses a great deal of electricity.

  • You’ve added a finished basement, office, workshop, or living area to the home.


A commercial or residential electrical service upgrade is a complicated job that, for quality, safety, and legal reasons, requires the assistance of a skilled electrician. It typically involves upgrading a building’s electrical service to 200 amps, which is the modern standard for homes. In some instances, however, upgrades to 400 amps or more might be appropriate.


“Very professional and prompt. I called at 8am and had repairs

completed by 130. Would recommend 100%.” 


—  Risa Wilkinson Dunn

Commercial Electrical Services

Coggin Electric also offers commercial electrical services to customers in Virginia and North Carolina to help them keep their lights on for security and safety. Our electricians can install, upgrade, and maintain commercial lighting and help companies save money with efficient, cost-effective systems that work and last for years. We offer the following commercial services:

  • Lighting maintenance. Coggin’s commercial electricians can repair and maintain almost any kind of commercial lighting fixtures you may have. If you’re having problems with the lighting in your place of business, give us a call.

  • Lighting installation for office spaces and retail outlets. Industrial, commercial, and retail locations all use similar types of lighting. No matter what type your building has, we can install and service it.

  • Incandescent lighting. Although most retail and office locations are phasing out this kind of lighting in favor of more efficient options, incandescent bulbs still illuminate many spaces. If a complete upgrade isn’t in your budget, call us for maintenance and repairs.

  • Fluorescent lighting. A common retail and office lighting solution, fluorescent bulbs are used to spread light over larger areas. Though they’re more efficient than incandescent lamps, they can start to flicker and hum with age. Contact Coggin Electric for replacement and installation of ballasts and fluorescent bulbs.

  • CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps. These lights use approximately 70% less energy than incandescent lamps, so many of Virginia’s retail and office locations installed them a few years ago. 

  • LED lights. LED lamps produce light as soon as the current hits them. They’re more efficient and longer lasting than incandescent bulbs, which means they’re being installed in more of Virginia’s retail and office spaces.


Whether you’re replacing one light fixture or renovating an entire building, we’re the company to call. Request more information online or call today to schedule a service visit.

Safety Inspections

If you’re buying a home or business, an electrical safety inspection is a crucial part of the pre-purchase evaluation process. These inspections are meant to ensure an electrical system’s safety and point out problems before they become serious. Once it’s done, you’ll receive a full report on the system’s condition. At Coggin Electric, we can inspect your home or commercial building’s electrical system and make any necessary repairs. To talk to an electrician or to request an inspection, call or click today.

Our team of electricians provides high-quality work to commercial and residential clients throughout the Smithfield area, including the correction of code violations. Such problems include:

  • Poor connections

  • Damaged wiring

  • Outdated wiring

  • Overloaded circuits

  • Faulty breaker panels

  • Poor outlet usage

We specialize in the assessment and evaluation of electrical systems. With more than 30 years of experience, our insured and licensed Virginia electricians are trained to conduct in-depth commercial and residential electrical inspections. Once the assessment is complete, we’ll provide repair and upgrade recommendations. It’s our goal to ensure that your system works safely and meets your power needs, and we can help with any electrical issue.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

When you operate a business in Virginia or North Carolina, system uptime is a crucial consideration and power outages can bring operations to a grinding halt. When it’s important to keep the power flowing, call one of the area’s most experienced electrical services companies.  

Preventive maintenance is an important part of a commercial building’s upkeep and it will help detect minor issues before they become expensive hassles. At Coggin, our electrical maintenance services include:

  • Breaker panels

  • Voltage regulators

  • Transformers

  • Overcurrent protection

  • Grounding

  • Switches

  • AFCIs (arc fault circuit interrupters)

  • GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters)

  • Lighting replacement

  • Motion sensors and timers

  • Whole-building surge protection


We are a locally owned and operated electrical contracting business that has been serving the Smithfield area since 1990. We’re committed to offering superior commercial electrical services, as well as high-quality products and competitive prices. Call today for more details.

Outdoor Lighting

Well-designed outdoor lighting can improve a home or business’ security while adding a dramatic and unique aesthetic touch to its exterior. At Coggin Electric, our skilled electricians can install low-voltage outdoor lights that keep you and your employees or family safe while enhancing the beauty of your surroundings. Our team is focused on two things: offering unparalleled customer service and installing the most efficient outdoor lighting you’ll ever find. If you’ve been considering the installation of landscape lighting and need quality work at a reasonable price, give us a call to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Enhanced beauty. Outdoor lighting can be used to accentuate interesting landscaping or architectural features. At Coggin, we can create and install outdoor lighting designs that will call attention to focal points at night. Landscape lighting is an easy, yet customizable way to improve your building’s appearance and curb appeal.

  • Increased security. Dark spots in or around a home or business can be quite dangerous, especially if they’re near access points. With low-voltage outdoor lighting, you can illuminate potential problem spots and deter criminal activity.

  • Safety. Along with keeping the business or home safe, outdoor lighting will make it less risky to walk around at night. Landscape lighting can brighten paths, sidewalks, and stairways to prevent falls and other injuries.

  • Usability. Do you like to entertain guests at night? Make those gatherings even better by lighting up the yard. Whether you need landscape or deck lighting, the pros at Coggin Electric can install systems that let you enjoy your surroundings late into the night.

  • Higher value. More than any other factor, outdoor lighting makes a home stand out from its neighbors. If you plan to sell, installing outdoor lighting will improve the home’s appearance, security, and resale value. 

If you're in the Smithfield area and want to find out more about the advantages of outdoor lighting, we’re here to help. Contact us online or call today.

Why Choose Us?

We’re a local business that has served Smithfield, Surry, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and the surrounding areas since 1990. We’re committed to providing exceptional service to our commercial and residential customers, and we offer some of the area’s most competitive prices. With our local offices and large fleet, we can handle projects of all sizes.

Our services encompass everything from troubleshooting and maintenance to new wiring installations. Regardless of your electrical service needs, we offer reliable, cost-effective solutions. Our electricians are licensed by the state and by the appropriate local jurisdictions, ensuring that each project is done to exacting standards. If you are planning an electrical project and you are looking for quality work at a great price, call us today to request a no-obligation quote.

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