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History of Coggin Electric

Coggin Electrical was founded in 1990. After serving in the United States Navy and then working for Newport News Shipbuilding for a number of years, David Coggin moved to Surry County Virginia to pursue his dream of starting his own electrical company. In the beginning it was just Dave and a van. Then gradually more and more employees joined the crew and Coggin Electric expanded from doing small local residential jobs to taking on large commercial contracts like government buildings, military bases, and large retail stores.


In spite of many setbacks and the recession of 2008, Coggin Electrical has persevered to become the premier electrical company of southeastern and coastal Virginia. Like a big family (side note: if you know Dave - you know he has 11 kids and now at least half of them work for CES) Coggin Electrical invests in the future of their employees by offering them the option to attend Electrical Apprenticeship School on Scholarship from the company. Over 20 employees have gone on to complete their Electrical Certification training and now have a valuable skill to use in the marketplace and provide for their future. Specifically, Dave’s vision for his employees and his business was that the character of the company and it’s employees would leave a lasting impact on the community.

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