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Coggin Electric, your Select Generac Generator Dealer

Thanks for stopping by our site! At Coggin Electric, we're working hard to become your go-to electrical service and installation company. Our staff of fully licensed electricians and expert installers would like to express our deepest gratitude for recognizing Coggin Electric as one of the most dependable and professional companies in and around Dendron, VA.


We are proud of our accomplishments over the last 30+ years and counting. In the process, Generac bestowed on Coggin Electric the much sought-after designation as their Select provider of service, parts, installation, and sales of Generac standby and portable generators. It's quite an achievement within the industry, which we feel we earned with an enduring dedication to you, our customers.


That said, please allow us to thank you once again for helping us reach this level of recognition by Generac, a company founded in 1959, and is now a Fortune 1000 company. They were recognized and awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal for their Guardian Series home standby generators.

Do You Need a Standby Generator?

Yes, a standby generator not only provides peace of mind knowing your electricity needs are no longer a nagging question in the back of your mind, but will save you money each time your home loses power. From spoiled food, and the mess of a thawed-out freezer to staying warm in the winter, a standby generator ensures reliable and steady, clean energy for your whole house or just the essentials.


In our service area, including Surry and Smithfield, keeping the power working presents challenges at every turn. Still, our experience provides a deep understanding of the constant threat of power outages. It's a heightened sense of urgency in our daily work that takes us to other areas like Williamsburg and Hopewell, and into the counties of Prince George, Isle of Wright, James City, and Greater Hampton Roads in the Tidewater region.


We're not ones to take breaks when the weather is calm and peaceful. Instead, we take this time to fine-tune our procedures and methods so the next time bad weather approaches, we're more prepared than before. We can't predict the weather and its antics, but we can anticipate and prepare for the worst scenarios.


Our team at Coggin Electric comes ready to tackle virtually any repair with precision to get your generator back up in the shortest time possible. When a storm causes multiple power outages area-wide, we know our customers with bulletproof Generac generators won't worry about their power. Still, as much as we would like to say breakdowns never happen, reality tells a different story.

Complete Repair and Maintenance

As good and dependable as a Generac generator is, there are times when they need repair. That's why we strongly recommend having us stop by before disaster strikes and perform scheduled maintenance on your generator to ensure flawless operation when you need it most.


If your generator stops running for any reason, please be sure to address the problem as soon as possible. Just like any machine, you should always be sure it's running perfectly at all times. If the unit sits unattended for lengthy periods, your generator's enclosure becomes a new home for bugs, rodents, and other animals. They can do irreparable harm to the unit, stopping all operations.


As your generator ages while exposed to the elements, typically, the generator and engine stand the test of time, assuming proper and regular maintenance is a significant part of its long life. But the protective enclosure rusts and, in some cases, will destroy it, the chassis, and the base.


That's not to say it's time for a new generator. We will always recommend replacing the enclosure instead of the entire unit. It's still somewhat costly, but not even close to the expense of a new generator.


If the rust and corrosion haven't destroyed the enclosure or chassis, our technicians will recommend cleaning up and repainting the enclosure. Like a total restoration, we will bring the unit back as close to new as possible. That will add more years of peace of mind, for you know you can depend on Generac to supply life-saving power to your home whenever your primary source is unavailable.

Typical Preventative Maintenance Steps

Only a licensed and experienced electrician should ever attempt to work on your generator. That's why we're here for you 24/7/365. The team of licensed, professional electricians at Coggin Electric are experts in generator repair and diagnosis, and we promise to bring your generator back to perfect running condition, according to the manufacturer's specifications.


The following section lists our typical preventative maintenance checks, but you may want to read a short explanation of transfer switches first. They're one of the misunderstood items on our list.

Transfer Switches

The transfer switch used with your generator is an electrical switch that connects your house electrical service to the generator. Because the transfer switch connects directly to the main service panel, you won't need extension cords running all over the house.


In the case of a portable generator powering only a few low-power items, a transfer switch isn't required. Instead, you'll have to revert to using a few extension cords until the power returns. Whenever you need to power your well pump or air conditioning, for example, or anything that's hard-wired to our house service panel, a transfer switch is the only safe method for this.

Typical Generator Preventative Maintenance Checks

  • Perform an overall check of the generator and diagnose existing trouble, if any

  • Check, tighten, and adjust belts and hoses

  • Top off fluids

  • Confirm electrical connections and clean if necessary

  • Clean and shine generator assembly

  • Engage and run the generator until warm

  • Perform a transfer of power from power utility to generator to check operation

  • Confirm and calibrate load and voltage

  • Confirm and calibrate output frequency

  • Confirm and adjust the engine's RPM

  • Transfer from power utility to generator to check operation

  • Confirm transfer switch operation, correct as necessary

  • Confirm and adjust intake and exhaust manifold torque

  • Replace worn air filter

  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Replace worn spark plugs

  • Perform specific gravity tests of battery fluid and replace the battery as required. We will need customer approval of additional charge before replacement

  • Confirm all fluid levels after powering down the generator

We’re Not Just Residential

Our experience and reputation cover every area of electrical service, including commercial applications and residential. Our repair and installation services include standard residential size generators of approximately 50kW (fifty thousand Watts) for the entire home, up to and including industrial-sized units in the 3MW (three million Watts) range.


Single-phase current is appropriate for residential homes, but in a commercial setting that requires constant, high-voltage power, three-phase current backup power is essential. We're specialists in electrical service in large office buildings, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, and complex building structures requiring large-capacity generators.

At Coggin Electric, we're continually improving and updating our safety procedures. We stay up-to-date on all changes in product design and improvements so we can pass them on to you, our customer. Please reach out to us any time for any questions you may have on anything electrical. We love to talk to our customers or anyone interested in learning more about what we do and how we can save you or your company money now and in the future.

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