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Electrician in Surry, VA

Coggin Electrical Specialists’ electricians in Surry County, Virginia have been working locally for over 30 years. With Surry County being the primary location of our Coggin Electric Office and Shop - we’ve been servicing the electrical needs of not only Dendron and Surry, but also the neighboring communities of Claremont, Carsley, Elberon, Bacon’s Castle and Spring Grove, VA. As your local electrician in Surry Virginia we take great pride in serving our local community and meeting the unique needs of our thriving rural commonwealth. We are pleased to have completed work for VDOT at the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry, Surry Government Center, Surry Volunteer Rescue Squad, Edward’s Ham, Bacon’s Castle Baptist Church and many other local businesses and organizations.

Generators in Surry, VA

As with most rural communities, Surry County experiences frequent power outages during peak hurricane season in the months of September and October and also in cold winter months with seasonal ice and snowstorms. With the abundance of trees and vegetation, downed trees on roads and power lines may cause loss of power to homes and businesses for extended periods of time. To combat this inconvenience, Coggin Electric is a certified distributor of Generac generators in Surry, Virginia. Standby generators ease the uncertainty and inconvenience of being without electricity for prolonged periods. Owners are no longer dependent on waiting for the local power company and service workers to restore power to their homes. They can rest comfortably knowing that in the event of an outage they are able to fully retain their electrical autonomy and preserve many life saving amenities such as air cooling/heating and refrigeration for perishable food items.

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Service Calls

Our team of professional electricians in Dendron are skilled at troubleshooting residential electrical issues and completing new installations for older homes and new construction. Older homes and farms may have issues with faulty panels, exposed wiring, or old-fashioned electrical systems. Call us today to have a licensed electrician survey your home or business for potential electrical hazards. We’ll take a look and recommend the best way to keep your home and/or farm safe and energy efficient.


Need more security lighting for your home or farm? Not enough electrical outlets in your house? Thinking about installing a backup generator in the event of a power outage? Adding a new light fixture or ceiling fan? Give us a call and let our local electricians help design a solution to meet your needs.

Dominion Energy Rebate Surry, VA

For optimal energy efficiency and cost-saving methods for your home or business, consider using the Dominion Energy Rebate Program. Designed to encourage local residents to upgrade and optimize their electrical processes, Dominion is rewarding participants with lucrative rebates and incentives. The Dominion Energy Rebate programs are for both residential and commercial properties. So there are opportunities that everyone can take advantage of! Please visit to learn more about the options available and give our office a call at 757-267-2619 to schedule your energy and money saving project today!


“Very professional and prompt. I called at 8am and had repairs

completed by 130. Would recommend 100%.” 


—  Risa Wilkinson Dunn

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