We've partnered with Dominion Energy's Energy Conservation Programs

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Dominion Energy Virginia customers now have a new way to help them with energy costs and make their homes more energy-efficient by following the recommendations from Dominion's Home Energy Assessment Program. It's a free program you can register for that might help take the bite out of high energy bills.

Your home may be costing you a lot of money that you're not aware of, but you won't know until you have your home's energy usage assessed. That's when Coggin Electric, a Dominion Energy certified contractor, will arrive by appointment at no charge to you and make their assessment. 

Coggin Electric - Meeting and Surpassing Your Needs

Coggin Electric grew from its humble beginnings over thirty years ago in Surry. It evolved into an electrical specialist powerhouse in the Surry, Smithfield, Williamsburg, Richmond, and Hampton Roads areas, with additional coverage in North Carolina.

It's their fast and friendly service that made them the preeminent electrical specialist company in the eyes of a large swath of people in the eastern US. From their 24-hour electrical repair service to their work for beloved landmarks like the Isle of Wight Courthouse and the Smithfield Center, they earned the right to represent Dominion Energy as a Qualified Participating Contractor.


As a qualified contractor for Dominion Energy Virginia's Home Energy Assessment Program, Coggin Electric conducts a 30-60 minute home walkthrough. During your home visit, a Coggin Electric professional will install energy-saving LED bulbs and water heater pipe insulation that add to your savings. 

While at your home, they will look for and advise you of other energy-savings opportunities that may require the work of additional contractors scheduled for a later time. These opportunities may include services like: 

  • A thorough tune-up of your heat pump

  • Insulating and sealing your heat pump system, and your central air conditioning unit

  • Where applicable, they may discuss with you options to upgrade your heat pump system and an upgrade to a heat pump water heater

  • Replacement of your electronically controlled fan motor (ECM) on your heat pump system and central air conditioning

  • Installation of a cool roof. This type of roof reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat than conventional roof designs


They'll already have what they need with them when they arrive. No delay. Nice. 

Additional Energy Savings Programs 

Non-residential Lighting Systems and Controls Program 

This program allows for certain rebates toward upgrades to newer, energy-efficient lighting and controls. There are immeasurable benefits to employees working under new, modern lighting and energy cost savings to employers. 

Small Business Improvement Enhancement Program 

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Customers will receive an extensive, on-site assessment of their facility and incentives for making energy-saving improvements identified during the assessment. 

Typical upgrades include but are not limited to LED lighting, HVAC tune-ups, and duct sealing, to name a few. Dominion Energy Virginia's Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program leaves no opportunity for savings uncovered, striving to provide the most effective energy-saving options available.

Non-Residential Prescriptive Program

The Prescriptive Program includes rebates for improvements to reach energy savings goals for most energy-consuming devices within the facility, large and small. It also contains tune-ups on various equipment.

Office Program

Dominion Energy Virginia's Non-Residential Office Program provides rebates for ensuring facility equipment operates as intended with recommended improvements performed. 

Participation Has its Perks 

For your home...

  • Coggin technicians provide the assessment of your home and recommend substantial improvements for maximum energy savings

  • You'll receive a report with recommendations and ways to help save on your energy costs And, you'll find out about financing options to help with paying for improvements if necessary, and submit a rebate application when they finish the work

For your business…

  • You will submit an eligibility verification form for your facility

  • A Coggin electrician will complete the initial assessment of your facility with the Dominion Energy program representative

  • You have the option to audit the measures suggested before installation

  • Qualifying recommissioning measures installed

  • A Coggin electrician will submit the rebate packet for you

And, the improvements start saving money with these added benefits: 

  • The entire air distribution system within your facility sealed and reducing or eliminating hot and cold spots

  • Highly efficient heating and cooling systems will improve the environment for both customers and employees

  • Newly conducted energy-savings improvements lead to a more efficient refrigeration system with less energy consumption

  • Efficient kitchen appliances used throughout your facility will contribute to savings over time

Dominion Energy extends its energy savings programs to include a Smart Thermostat Rewards program and its WeatherSmart℠ Program Program. Read the requirements and enroll on their website. 

Smart Thermostat Rewards Program

After a full year of participation, receive $35, then $10 every year after that. There are specific requirements and requests to receive your reward. 

WeatherSmart℠ Program

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Ecobee Thermostat.png

This program works with your smart thermostat and helps save energy costs by coordinating with your local weather information and smart thermostat. The data offers insight into how your home reacts to varying weather conditions. The information helps your smart thermostat make adjustments, thereby providing even more energy savings. It comes with a $10 annual rebate with a report every month, including more energy savings recommendations. 

You're not required to buy a smart thermostat from Dominion Energy if you already own one. To begin your enrollment, click here. 

Make your home a place of cozy, family comfort. The home energy assessment offered by Dominion Energy removes the worries of high energy costs. It helps lower your energy bills by replacing old and inefficient lighting, sealing your ductwork, and even checking for correctly operating faucets, plus much more. 

The assessment is at no charge to you. The benefits include keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all without the high energy bills so often associated with running a furnace and air conditioner. After the assessment by the qualified technicians at Coggin Electric, you will receive a full report explaining the work performed and what lies ahead. All of the recommendations show you cost-effective options aimed at reducing your energy costs.